Today we live in a world where higher internet speeds are everything, and most of our work depends on these internet speeds. But it is also one of the facts that higher speeds are only possible in certain situations. One of the things that are a must to have better internet speeds is the type of cable used to connect two ends. Gone are the days when normal and ordinary cables were used.

It is the need of time that people have opted for fast and reliable fiber optic cables to achieve the goal. These cables are not only important in terms of bandwidth and speed but there are several other benefits you can enjoy. These benefits are impossible to achieve with ordinary cables, which is why the use and installation of these cables are reducing over time.

Dig deeper into this article to get familiar with the reasons why fiber optic cable is better than ordinary cable.

Top 6 Reasons Fiber Optic Cables are Better than Ordinary Cable

The ordinary or coaxial cables use radio signals to transmit data between two ends. On the contrary, fiber cables use light frequency signals for the data transmission between two points. These are the reasons which make fiber optics far better than coaxial cable, and people prefer them more today. But it is not the speed only that gives fiber optics a strong position over all the other types of cables. There are several other benefits that have made people switch to these forms and mediums of data transmission.

Following are some of the advantages and reasons for using fiber optic cables over ordinary wires or cables.

1. Faster Data Speeds

Instant and immediate communication is the most important thing today, and these speeds and instant communication are impossible to achieve with ordinary cables. People looking for higher internet speed and bandwidth must consider installing fiber cables. These speeds and data transmission rates are impossible to achieve if the installation of the cable is not done expertly. To avoid these installation complexities, people hire the fiber optic cable Dubai located services and get the job done effortlessly and affordably.

2. Durable and Resistant to Damage

One of the major problems with ordinary cables is that they are not durable, and the chances of damage to them are higher. Moreover, these cables fail to withstand poor weather conditions, and the internet speed is compromised. On the contrary, fiber is less resistant to these weather conditions and does not get damaged even after many years. This durability of fiber is because the glass and plastic material is less likely to get damaged due to rain or any other weather condition.

3. Cloud Connectivity

Gone are the days when a router was required to connect your devices with the internet. These restrictions were only with the ordinary cables, which failed to provide cloud connectivity without any restrictions. With fiber optics, you can achieve cloud connectivity without requiring any medium. Such independencies are the reasons why data transfer rates are always higher with fiber internet.

4. Weightless cables

One of the issues with the ordinary cable is their handling and storage; due to their size and the space they occupy, they are difficult to manage and store. But due to the light material used in fiber, they are easier to handle, store and install. The weightlessness of the fiber is also one of the reasons why these cables are comparatively easier to install than ordinary cables. But you still need expert help and supervision for better handling and installation of the cable, no matter how easier they are to manage and install.

5. Data security

Security of the data being transferred or transmitted from one end to the other is one of the most important things. This security was difficult to achieve with ordinary cables as they were easier to interfere with. But fiber cables have improved the security of the data being transferred between the two points. The data losses are minimized by installing the fiber cable and replacing the coaxial or ordinary cable.

6. No/ Low interference

Higher interference rates while data transmission from one point to another will always result in data loss. The possibilities of these interferences were higher with the coaxial or ordinary cables, but all praises to the fiber optics that came up with a solution for this. This is why you must prefer using and installing cables that do not create trouble in conveying the complete data. You can always hire the telecom companies in UAE located expert services to help you choose the right cable and install it professionally to enjoy all the benefits.

Do you want better internet speeds?

If you want higher bandwidths ad data transmission rates with the speed of light, then you must rely on the fiber internet more than any other. These benefits are only ensured when you are using the right cables and installing them correctly. So, make sure to hire the experts to help you identify the right cable catering to your needs and then install them professionally.